GW won the csa group authorized energy efficiency test non-visual laboratories

Recently, GW Electric (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.passed the review of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). After the original security inspection laboratory (WMTC), it officially became the CSA Group authorized energy efficiency test non-visual laboratory ( SMTC ). It is reported that GW Electric (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is the first company to obtain such qualifications. 


Mr. Gu weimin, general manager of GW Electric (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd and Ms. Nancy Ge, general manager of CSA group in China attended and presided over the licensing ceremony on August 8, 2018.


                                                                                                      Left: Mr. Gu weimin, Right: Ms. Nancy Ge

SMTC stands for“ SUPERVISED MANUFACTURER’S TESTING FOR CERTIFICATION ”, which is a non-visual test for factory laboratories. Accredited companies can use their own testing resources to conduct on-site testing of their own products under the supervision of third-party organizations, and then submit reports to third-party organizations. The SMTC non-visual mode enables companies to maximize test progress, save certification cycles and costs, and greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise certification. At the same time, it has also promoted the continuous improvement of the quality of corporate testers.


GW Electric (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. has a large number of products exported to North America every year, and the compliance requirements for products are very urgent. The SMTC laboratory qualification achieved, means GW electric products safety and energy efficiency testing may, at its own testing on the factory space and equipment to complete the qualification in the corresponding non-witness testimony and witness CSA regulatory experts, more Quickly let new products enter the market, greatly improving the responsiveness of GW electric to the market. At the same time, it fully shows that Shanghai Jinling Motor has been fully recognized by CSA in terms of management system, technical capability, R&D level and testing capability.
In the future, Shanghai Jinling Motor will continue to enhance the software and hardware capabilities of the testing equipment, personnel and operations of the enterprise laboratory, and cooperate with more international organizations and certification institutions to contribute to the safety and energy efficiency sustainable development of motor products.

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