GW industry headquarter relocation celebration

Farewell to the old days, meeting new challenges in the near future.Farewell to the old days, meeting new challenges in the near future.

With the continuous growth of GW's business, GW’s growing talent strategy that drives the business strategy. The headquarter of GW Industry moved to its new office on December 11. The new headquarter provides more modern, spacious office conditions and complete office facilities, as well as a more comfortable and pleasant office environment for staffs, laying a solid foundation for future sustainable development and continuous expansion of the company's strength. Sincerely hope GW’s business will flourish!

Looking back on the past, we have achieved outstanding results , looking forward to the future and we are full of pride. The new headquarter of GW Industry is a brand new beginning, we will open a new page. We believe that the new starting point will definitely bring us a completely different new world, let us actively improve ourselves, work together more unitedly, and work together for the company and for a better future.

New Headquarter Address: 3F, No. 647, East Longhua Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai,China

New Headquarter Building

Headquarter Recption Desk

Meeting Room

Glimpse of Office

Glimpse of Office

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