BLDC Planetary Gear Motor 30JM30K/B2847

BLDC Planetary Gear Motor 30JM30K/B2847

28mm OD Planetary Gearbox
Brushless motor built-in driverwith a positive inversion, speed control function

  • Features
  • Parameters
  • Outline
  • Rated Voltage: 12 V;24 V

    Dameter: 28 mm OD Planetary Gearbox

    Motor's No-load Speed: 7300 RPM

    Reduction ratio:3.7; 5.2; 14; 19; 27; 51; 71; 100; 139; 189; 264; 369; 516;720

    Permissible Load Range: 0.3 N.m~3.0 N.m

  • Brushless Motor Technical Data

    Brushless Gear Motor Technical Data

    B2847-1273 BLDC Motor

    B2847-2473 BLDC Motor

  • Dimensions

    Wire Diagram
    PIN 1# (blue) Brake control
    PIN 2# (orange) PWM timing: input 20~30kHZPWM signal, adjust motor speed by adjust duty cycle.
    PIN3# (black) negative electrode
    PIN4# (white) Positive inversion: Suspension steering CCW, Ground short connection CW
    PIN5# (green) feedback n=60*F/P,F is Feedback frequency, P is 4 pole motor
    PIN6# (red) positive electrode
    Length of wire 200mm


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