GW Electric officially became a member of EASA

GW Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially became a member of EASA member in August this year. GW Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. took part in the three year EASA Exhibition: 2015 in Sanantonio, 2016 in Toronto, and Tampa, Florida in 2017.



EASA exhibition is sponsored by the American Association of professional electric power equipment service trade exhibition service, attention completed by electric technology, especially the professional exhibition motor manufacturing equipment, relates to the motor manufacturing equipment sales, service and maintenance of the industrial exhibition, held annually, is a professional motor show the world's most influential. The Electrical Apparatus Service Association is founded in 1933, and has a history of 81 years. It has 58 countries and more than 2100 member organizations. It is the largest electrical professional organization in the world.
At present, GW group has set up companies and liaison offices in Losangeles, Italy and Milan respectively. It is a solid step for the group to strive to build energy-saving and efficient strategic thinking and focus on familiar with the globalization of world manufacturing industry.
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