GW Industry is a leading motor manufacturer which was formally known as SMM (established in 1952) and joint venture with Regal-Beloit from 2002 to 2014. The JV manufactured motors for Regal Beloit under the Leeson, Marathon, and Lincoln brands. After JV dissolution in 2014, this entity has become part of GW Industrial Group.
Our company produces and sells a variety of NEMA/IEC design motors including single-phase / three-phase AC asynchronous motors, brush/brushless DC motors under brand “GW”, “AG-I”, and “SMC”. Over 70% of our products are sold in US, Canada, and European markets, serving industrial applications such as Fan-Blower, Agricultural Equipment, Wash-Down Equipment, Pump , Hydraulic Machinery , Transmission Apparatus, etc.

To satisfy customer’s needs, ourproducts are certified by UL, CSA, CE, and CCC; and all materials in our products comply with RoHS requirements. Our lab has been certified by UL and CSA since 2007, being capable of performing UL/CSA certification test in house

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